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Hi Form Breathe

Hi Form Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy

Assists respiratory function in horses and ponies

Feed as little as 7g per day

A 2.5kg tub fed at 14g per day will last approx. 178 days

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Product Description

Breathe was designed to assist horses stabled for long periods of time and those exposed to dust. 

Dose rate is 1 large rounded scoop (14g) as a preventative and up to 3 large rounded scoops for prolonged issues

Additional information


500g, 2.5kg

300kg pony: 7g (1 large level scoop)

500kg horse: 14g (2 large level scoops)

600+kg horse: 21g (3 large level scoops)

Mix well into slightly damp feed. Rate can be doubled if required.


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Active Ingredients

Powdered liquorice root helps reduce inflammation because it contains Glycyrrhizinic Acid. This soothes the airways and can reduce inflammation. Liquorice is particularly good for horses suffering with a cough or any other respiratory issues. As a bonus liquorice helps fight off the viruses that can cause a respiratory problem in the first place

Marshmallow root, contains large quantities of something called mucilage. Mucilage is a sticky, viscous sap, that when ingested, absorbs water and other liquids, forming a protective layer over any inflamed mucous membrane

Marshmallow leaf has always be favoured for the lungs, kidneys and urinary tract. In the lungs the effect is that of a soothing expectorant that will help reduce inflammation and pain in the respiratory tract

Fenugreek is an herb that can be given to horses and it is a hard-working anti-inflammatory with a myriad of benefits.

is very effective as a digestive aid and to relive coughs, cold and fevers.  Peppermint also has a decongestive effect and can be helpful as part of a worming program.  Peppermint is considered a harmless herb so can be used on a daily basis.

Use for respiratory infections and coughs. Breaks up congestion, relaxes the respiratory tract and aids in expelling catarrh

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