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Invictus Equality D30 Pocket Half Pad

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Invictus Equality Pad Grey
Invictus Equality Pad Grey
Invictus Basic Pad Brown
Invictus Basic Pad White

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Only 1.1cm thin! With front & back pockets for inserts to balance out temporary saddle fit issues or confirmation changes

Flexible, lightweight, excellent breathability, perfect ergonomic design & superior protection levels deliver the optimal link between horse and rider

Fits GP and jumping saddles from 16.5″ – 18″

Available in Anthracite, Chocolate Brown or White

In stock – Delivery 1-3 days

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Product Description

At only 1,1cm thin, this pad provides the best possible protection due to smart materials from d3o: Intelligent Molecules move together relative to shock and impact to form a strategic shield, lessening high impact forces by up to 125% and normal pressure by up to 230% (compared to other leading pads). With its high-tech layers, the Invictus pad is a game changer in the protective pad category.

Care: Hand wash / Air dry. Dust can be easily removed with a microfibre cloth in-between washing.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Chocolate Brown, Anthracite, White

Shim inserts

None, 6 front inserts, 6 rear inserts, Mixed Pack (4 Front & 4 Rear)


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Invictus D30 Impact Protection

How the D30 Smart Material Works...

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