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Lorenzini Titanium Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

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Lorenzini Loose Ring Snaffle Single
Lorenzini Loose Ring Snaffle Anatomical
Lorenzini Loose Ring Snaffle Single
Lorenzini Loose Ring Snaffle 45 Degree Lock
Loose Ring Snaffle - Lozenge

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Lorenzini Titanium Loose Ring

Available in a variety of joints, sizes and thicknesses

Hand produced in Italy from solid Titanium

Bit lengths: 115cm, 125cm, 135cm, 145cm

Bit Thickness: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 23mm

5 Joints available: Single, Anatomical, 45 Degree Lock, French Link and Lozenge

Ring Size: 70mm

*All Lorenzini bits are made to order – So please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery*

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Mouth Joint Types

Single Joint

The classic mouthpiece, the single joint has been used successfully across the centuries by all variations of riders and disciplines. Simple and effective, the joint allows the rider to have more control and pressure on individual side of the mouth.


Another very popular mouthpiece – designed to curve and shape to encourage a true consistent contact. Perfect for both the horse that leans & is heavy in the hand and also for the horse that backs off the bit.

45 Degree Lock

Designed to stop the nutcracker action sometimes caused by a single joined bit – the link cannot move closer then 45 degrees, reducing any pinching which may also occur. A very clever design.

French Link

Milder then the single joint, the double jointed action of the french link is less likely to cause any nutcracker action in the horses mouth. The shaped central link exerts a small amount of pressure on the tongue for additional control.


Even more mild then the french link, the Lozenge joint is the most popular mouth piece with both riders and horses. The rounded edges mean better comfort for your horse and more maneuverability, which many riders prefer.

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