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Peetz Metalwork are a German company specialising in equestrian stable equipment, from mobile competition tack lockers, to feed and stable storage equipment.

The Peetz Tack Locker range is manufactured with excellent quality and detail throughout, despite a modest price range.

Each locker is customisable, where saddle hangers are replaceable with shelves if more suitable for example.

Sturdy yet light and manoeuvrable, the Peetz range of Tack Lockers are designed with frequent use in mind – with strong wheels and exterior at the forefront of their design. Additional details such as strong framework around the locker’s exterior is a noteable feature, to protect from damage during transit.

Available for International Delivery, take a look at the range of Peetz lockers on offer – Feel free to contact us if any questions.

Peetz Tack Lockers

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