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Here at The Equinery…

We believe in high quality presentation, in the ring and out. When we are out competing in our own collection by Anna Scarpati we are often highly complimented on the turn out of our horses, much of this we put down to our stunning Anna Scarpati products. Not only do they stand out among the crowd they are quite clearly the unparalleled choice in quality equine competition wear. We firmly believe that to look good in the ring is a large part of success, when you feel smart, professional and confident, you are bound to ride smart, professional and confident!

We have been involved in all sectors of the equine industry for nearly 20 years and combined with our extensive knowledge of the online retail industry we decided to bring all our experience together and create The Equinery. Our aim is to provide you top quality products which are chosen by the worlds best riders, whether you are a professional rider or not we guarantee you will not find better products anywhere else. With over 10 years competing and working in the Showjumping world, we know what top riders, top grooms and owners & sponsors want and need, we will always endeavour to meet your needs, whatever they may be!

Create Your Own Competition Collection

With the Anna Scarpati collection the possibilities for customisation are endless, elegant details like piping, borders and crystal options allow you to design each piece of your collection perfectly.

Outstanding Tack Lockers!

Take a look at our range of outstanding tack lockers, made by hand in Ireland. Designed from the ground up especially for the professional rider. They contain some truly amazing features to help you stay organised and secure when traveling and competing!